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Xingda Spirit
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All of these words are full of philosophy. Everything of integrity comes from the story behind our chairman, which reflects the values of "integrity, win-win and sharing, rewarding society" pursued by xingda all the time.
Xingda hu zehong was born in 1967 to a poor family in xiaolan town, zhongshan city. In 1984, he went to work in a foreign PCB factory before graduating from high school. Start at the bottom. At that time, the daily wage was 2 yuan, the work was tested to the end of the inspection, packaging and so on. No matter what position he works in, no matter what dirty work or heavy work, he always tries to do it. He is happier with benghazi, because he can get a little overtime pay. His colleagues all laughed at him as silly: "silly son, you are so stupid, do more and do less, not a day two or three dollars". But hu thought he would be happier if he did more, because only if he did more could he have a chance to learn more. Half a year passed quickly, and some of his colleagues began to think the work was very hard and the salary was low, so they left the factory. Ze-hong hu now recalling the experience also often said: "no matter in what position, as long as the hard-working, is easy to succeed, if the initiative to do, opportunity will be more, the success will is getting closer and closer to you, the pyramids of Egypt is very high, can reach the top of the animals have only two: one is the eagle, the other is the snail, if we are not the eagle, is to learn snail cast success, hard work and dedication to the world a lot of people don't succeed, not because they are not smart enough, but because they are not stupid enough, if I had not learn the somebody else as clever as" stupid ", now situation is continuing to be yourself." The working experience became the valuable wealth of hu's life.
Xingda ze-hong hu leap "solo" in 1987, he and several partners each paid 5000 yuan, the local government invested 15000 yuan, 100000 in bank loans, the joint venture in xiaolan launched xingda circuit board factory, began his business for the first time, the beginning and close to 4 PM every day, ze-hong hu will be processed PCB mount motorcycle, driving a motorcycle to dongfeng delivery, once ze-hong hu to dongguan zhangmutou delivery, via guangzhou, opened six or seven hours, back through the sand mouth exit ticket collector to him straight smile, come back to the mirror and found that the dust and sweat of scar on the face, One by one looks like the flower face cat, sees oneself become so, hu zehong oneself also cannot help secretly smile.
Xingda ten years mo yijian, with continuous pursuit, hu zehong in 1997 invested more than 20 million yuan in the town of fusha zhongshan opened the second xingda circuit board factory. Unfortunately, the sudden Asian financial crisis caused the xingda circuit board factory to lose 200,000 yuan a month. With years of good credit, hu's friends have offered him a helping hand, and Banks have been happy to lend him money during this emergency.
Instead of waiting for xingda ", positive transformation "the arrival of the other people waiting for connecting ze-hong hu began to think about business direction and way of ze-hong hu believes that used to only do single single-sided PCB production mode in the change, the market can only is to develop in the direction of double side, multi-layer, after in-depth analysis of market prospects, ze-hong hu added more than 1000 ten thousand yuan to develop double side, multi-layer circuit board. In an equipment exhibition, he booked for Germany's most advanced drilling machine, at that time many of his peers think ze-hong hu really silly, "market downturn, in such a big", in fact, because at that time is in a crisis, many companies are afraid to replenish onr's stock, the material is very cheap, at the same time, due to their transition soon, take science and technology research and product marketable, after a year losses, ze-hong hu company finally became profitable.
Xingda "in fact, as long as I practice my internal skills, the better the quality, the cheaper the product, the faster the delivery, the better the service, and the more promising the circuit board market will be. "The bigger the risk, the bigger the risk. To this, hu zehong's understanding is that "good or bad, we should regard it as bad to do, because risks and opportunities coexist. Risks are not terrible. What is terrible is not being prepared and falling asleep".
Xingda "we are making progress every day". In 2003, he bought a circuit board factory owned by Shanghai bell for more than 5 million yuan, and injected xingda's market philosophy and management experience into the new enterprise. In August of the same year, hu zehong purchased a circuit board factory in shenzhen and formally put it into operation. One by one, he made a qualitative leap, explaining the truth of success in people and growing in the market. The vitality of hu and his company came from the cultural concept of "we are making progress every day".
For more than a decade, hu has persevered in learning and sports, and he often admonishes his employees by saying, "only when you are old enough to learn can you live forever". Work again busy, pressure again big, he's always in a planned way and create opportunities for learning and training to participate in sports activities, in addition to often take part in some training and learning at home and abroad, in 2001, the city he was sent to Singapore PBS international administrative institute modern outstanding corporate leadership training, as a "feng's business leaders training class" honorary chairman, persist in learning MBA program to shenzhen.
Xingda hu zhonghong always regards employees as his biggest capital, first regarding them as a whole person, then as the employees of the factory. He treat employees like his family, every year the Mid-Autumn festival will come when he buy a hardcover mooncakes for each employee, for those talented staff, he personally wrote letters of consolation, and then a box of a box of moon cakes sent to employees at home, on New Year's day when he will order more than one thousand zhongshan specialty "almond cake" for employees, let employees to bring his family; Beginning in 1997 set up a guarantee fund for employees, and set up a special committee to manage the fund, in order to solve the trouble back at home of employee, every employee illness of urgent need can apply to "guarantee fund", once a man named Chen Fumei women gave birth to twins is worried, because she is tight, can't afford neonatal needed, ze-hong hu heard immediately sent the difficult staff after a few thousand dollars, to help her through. From beginning to end, hu zehong instilled a topic of social responsibility in his employees: we should not only produce products, but also cultivate talents for the society.
Xingda hu zhonghong is always good at using corporate culture to water the hearts of employees, regularly holding interpersonal communication or professional knowledge and technology training classes and English and ERP management training, and taking employees to study abroad. Through organized learning, various activities are carried out to improve the quality of employees, so that employees can participate in the competition, learn to compete, and cultivate the spirit of teamwork and mutual assistance.
Xingda in the general view, hu zhonghong has been a success, but he often said with a smile: "in fact, I have been running a business, and I am not qualified to stay in business. Success is the mother of failure. And all I have now is given by the community.
Xingda to thank and return society, ze-hong hu is keen on social public welfare undertakings, often make huge contributions to schools and charities, at the beginning of 2006, ze-hong hu donated fifty thousand yuan to the mound of sand chamber of commerce, now ze-hong hu also funded the 12 children's tuition and living expenses, he often in spite of being very busy toglance communicate with these children encouraged them good good study day day up. In his own dedication of love, but also to sublimate the spirit of all his employees.
Xingda, led by xingda hu zhonghong, always manages the enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility with the values of "honesty, win-win and sharing, and giving back to the society". In recent years, the international electronic industry has a high demand for the circuit board for environmental protection, and the circuit board has entered the era of microprofits. Also avoid the low-price high-pollution circuit board products too many occupy the market, to bring health hazard to consumers.
The culture of a company of xingda is the culture of business operator, hu zehong is leading all xingda people to wipe "xingda" this resounding brand, xingda successively won "China consumer recognizes famous brand product" and "guangdong excellent light industry product" "2006 annual good faith convention member unit". Since 2004, he has also served as the vice President of the 4th council of fusha branch of zhongshan private enterprise association. In October 2005, fusha chamber of commerce was established and hu zehong was elected as the first
President. Today, the newly built factory building in fusha town in 1997 has completely failed to keep up with the pace of the progress of xingda, and a xingda industrial park covering 160 mu in fusha industrial park has been put into use..