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Student donations
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Wusha niujiao village, zhongshan city, xingda love awards and learning arts party

"Plan for the future through adversity" exchange meeting

At 6:00 PM on December 17, President hu zehong led some cadres of xingda group headquarters to attend the 4th annual 
celebration dinner of respecting the old in nancun, fusha town, and donated 20,000 yuan to respect the old for helping 
students on behalf of the company, which once again demonstrated the loving culture of respecting the old for helping students


"Xingda cadres transferred the 
funds to shangnan village liang

"Leaders of xingda visit and condolence to needy students"

Xingda people are enthusiastic about charity, and take an active part in the "charity activities for all people" every year 
in zhongshan city. On February 25, 2008, the group company donated 1 million RMB to the Red Cross society in fusha town, 
zhongshan city. By then, xingda has donated millions of RMB to various schools, Red Cross and other social organizations
Xingda is also enthusiastic about all kinds of social public welfare undertakings and has made a good social impact


On May 29, 2009, the Hong Kong federation of industry and the zhongshan zhihai talent market 
jointly held the "plan for the future through adversity and self-improvement" exchange meeting. 
More than 200 fresh graduates gathered in the zhongshan zhihai talent market. President hu was
invited to attend the event and delivered an excellent speech as the guest speaker. President 
hu Shared his entrepreneurial experience with the participants, and took this opportunity to 
understand the career needs of young people today. He also said that the younger generation 
should have a healthy attitude of working diligently and steadily, learning constantly, seeking 
for progress, being optimistic and positive, and being grateful. After the speech, hu readily 
answered questions from the participants.

Q: some people say that attitude is everything. As a job seeker, what kind of mentality do you think should be possessed?

Hu dong: one's mentality is very important! I often on the mouth of a sentence: only a good state of mind, only good mood; Only 
good mood, only good things! What a person in a bad mood does is not going to be much better. There was a story about a 
student who saw three workers building a wall and asked each of them, "what are you doing?" The first workman, with a stiff face, 
and a sigh from time to time, and a careless masonry, and a crooked masonry, heard the student ask him, and the workman shook 
his head impatiently, and said, listlessly, what else do you think I can fix? Build a wall, do this dirty and tired work, income
is very low, very depressed! Then the student went to the second worker, and saw the second worker carefully building the wall
which was also passable, neither speaking nor doing things slowly. The student walked up to the third workman, and saw that the 
man was shining as he built the wall. He blew a whistle from time to time, and he was enjoying himself. When a student asked him, 
his eyes looking at the distant place, eyes full of hope, he said: you really don't know, I built a school for the best in the 
city, when the students study here, is comfortable and safe, then a lot of talent training from this school, after graduation, 
they will make more contribution to our hometown, so I now is to do a very great things, I'm so honored. Do the same thing, 
these three people have very different attitudes! The first person can only be a worker for life, the second can become a 
construction expert, and the third can become a real estate company owner. A person's state of mind determines not only the 
result of what he does, but also the result of his life. Life is about cause and effect, what kind of causes and effects you 
have, and if you treat yourself as the "cause" of all problems, this person will be 100 percent responsible for themselves, 
will be happy, will affect more people, will grow faster, this is the source of "good mood". If he thinks of himself as a "fruit",
he will be full of complaints and accusations. He will always feel that he is a victim, and he will be full of negative energy.
Such people will achieve nothing. One can only do the little things well and do the bigger things in the future! 
One can assume greater responsibility in the future only if one bears the existing responsibility.

Q: some people say that attitude is everything. As a job seeker, what kind of mentality do you think should be possessed?

Hu dong: we use the metaphor of "blood transfusion" for paratrooper, and "blood production" for talent cultivation within 
the enterprise. For people, they must be based on their own blood production, but they also need blood transfusion at the 
critical time. Actually the enterprise also is such, when the enterprise transforms or upgrades, also needs airborne soldier. 
But some companies can't use paratroopers well for the simple reason that there is a clash of cultures between the two sides, 
just like when blood is transfusion, the wrong blood type can cause fatal injury. Although it can be said that paratrooper 
has many new things to learn from, there is no formula for management. Good management methods are not useful in every 
enterprise. Paratrooper should be roughly consistent with the enterprise in culture and blood type, which is the bottom line 
of taking paratrooper. Our company will also introduce some airborne, I every time they first familiarize yourself with the 
topography, and then slowly "landing", and I'm not just a "landing", advocates the airborne troops immediately, right now the 
new officer, pushed the enterprise original completely subvert the negative, so airborne troops would probably cause "the heel 
died". I advocate paratroopers "survive first, then develop. Less reform, more reform. As enterprise, to provide enough 
airborne platform, is a hero but no place also not line, this kind of platform including airborne trust and tolerance, make 
enterprise any performance team, airborne is definitely not quick fixes, more is not the savior, to give them time to bond, 
give them the chance to try, like the old co-workers inclusive airborne troops.

Q: some people say that attitude is everything. As a job seeker, what kind of mentality do you think should be possessed?

Hu dong: of course. Calling to ask for advice shows that you are interested in the job and have the desire to get it. Most companies 
like this kind of person. By the way, looking for a job is a two-way process, and companies choose you as well as you choose the
company. When choosing a job candidate, I think the first thing is to choose the industry. Are you interested? Is willing to fight
for it? Select the industry before choosing the enterprise. Once you've selected a business, you should focus on it. Some people in
the workplace are always dissatisfied with their current job. They always dream of finding a perfect company. In fact, the company
is the place where there is a problem. In the workplace, it is better to spend ten years digging a well than two years digging ten
holes, which will waste their youth. In xingda, one year's employment is just the learning stage, two years' employment can be
gradually integrated into the culture, and three years' employment will give me an opportunity to have in-depth communication with
them. On the other hand, all opportunities and achievements in life are created by yourself. For example, some people complain that
"heroes have no place to use" in their career. People who can't even find a place to use them are not necessarily true heroes.
Everyone's present and future are created by themselves. Don't ascribe your success or failure to the environment.

Q: I was deeply impressed by what hu dong said today. Your speech has given us direction and strength. I think if I could have 
heard hu dong's success story and what he just said ten years ago, I would have succeeded ten years earlier. Thank you very 
much President hu for his kindness to us job-hunters today.

Hu dong: thank you. Sharing is also a culture of our company. The continuation of human civilization is achieved by sharing. The key to
 sharing is opening up. China has been reforming and opening up for 30 years, so now the motherland is strong. North Korea has been 
closed, so they now use very little telephone and television. If I had not exchanged energy with the outside world, we would not have 
developed so steadily. The power of openness is huge! Our company's sharing culture is well done. Excellent leaders make good use of the 
wisdom of the team. Employees who have achieved successful performance in each company must be grandly invited to share with us. On the 
other hand, it can also turn individual successful experience into team experience, reduce the time of exploration and speed up the 
improvement of individual and team! In addition, our company advocates a culture of integrity and gratitude. Honesty is the basis of 
cooperation, and gratitude can make cooperation happy, and then continue cooperation. Speaking of gratitude culture, I Shared a story 
with my friends: there was a little girl named tingting who was very cute. Once she was quarrelled by her mother because she didn't do 
her homework when watching TV. As tingting wandered aimlessly down the street, it was getting dark and her stomach was growling from 
hunger. But she felt in her pocket without a penny. As she was wandering in front of the noodle shop, she was seen by the owner of the 
noodle shop, who told tingting to come in and cook a bowl of hot noodles. Tingting side big stutter noodles, side will their own mother's 
grievances pour out to the landlady listen. Tingting felt grateful to the landlady, saying that you did not know me, but still cooked 
noodles for me to eat, you are the best person in the world. The landlady smiled and touched tingting's head. "son, I just cooked a bowl 
of noodles for you to eat. Your mother doesn't know how many bowls of noodles she has cooked for you. Tingting heard, tears shabu shabu 
flow, run home, tightly embrace the mother............ I also told this story to people in the company. If a person who is not grateful 
to his family, how can he be loyal to the company! So I encourage the employees of our company to visit their relatives once a year, and 
I can travel expenses. The highest level of gratitude is to thank your enemies, because enemies will make your progress faster! If even 
the enemy is grateful, there is a pattern of successful people